I have always been fascinated with aviation. Growing up near Lincoln I remember Vulcans thundering overhead on finals into Scampton and Waddington, and visiting airshows where the awesome sight and sound of a Lightning disappearing vertically into the sky made a lasting impression.

It was memories such as these that inspired me to begin drawing aircraft. I began with pencil illustrations and developed a highly detailed style that I feel suits the technical and mechanical nature of the subject.  In 2000 I joined the prestigious Guild of Aviation artists as a Friend and have been lucky enough to have exhibited at their Annual Exhibition for most of the intervening years. In 2016 I was proud to become a Full Member of the Guild and have also become much more involved in the organisation, particulary in designing and managing the Guild website.

A few years ago I also produced a pencil illustration of the infamous TSR2, which gave me the opportunity to meet the legendary test pilot Jimmy Dell.  For me, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of aviation art, the chance to meet amazing people such as Jimmy.

More recently, I have published my own website which catalogues some of my work to date. I hope that the exposure this generates will allow me to further develop my reputation as an aviation artist.

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