From an initial concept sketch to the finished artwork, check out the Work in Progress page to see how this painting was created.

Whilst I’m not a full time professional artist I am able to take on a very small number of commissions each year.

The process begins with a quick chat to establish the broad parameters of the painting – subject, context, media etc. I will then take these ideas to produce a simple sketch which will either be the basis for the painting or serve as the starting point for further ideas and adjustments. I should also say that there is no obligation to go ahead at this stage, it’s just a chance to explore the possibilities and ensure that the client is completely happy before deciding to commit to the project.
Once everything is agreed I can start the painting. I often send progress images as the painting develops but some clients like to wait until the end for the big ‘reveal’… always a bit of a nervous moment for me…!
One other thing to say is that oil paintings can take a long time, usually three or four months, so this is a consideration when thinking about anniversaries or specific dates.

So if you have ever thought about a commission, or struggle to think of that amazing present for a loved one, drop me a line and we can talk though the possibilities.