Guild of Aviation Artists 2021 Exhibition

This is my entry for the 2021 Guild of Aviation Artists Annual Exhibition. Entitled ‘Vulcan Outbound’ it features an Avro Vulcan B.2 heading east lit by the setting sun, 20 x 30 inches oil on canvas, £750 unframed. The Guild’s exhibition will be ‘virtual’ only this year so all the pictures will be shown in an online exhibition opening at 10:00am on Monday 19th of July.

Motorway Trials goes metallic

I’m happy to say that famous die-cast metal company Corgi approached me to use my ‘Motorway Trials’ painting to promote their new release of Jaguar XX109. The original plan was to use the painting as box art, which would have been amazing, but unfortunately for various reasons this was downgraded to a feature post-card and box ‘badge’. Nevertheless, it was still a great honour to be associated with this great brand.

‘Motorway Trials’ prints now available

I’m pleased to say that prints of my Jaguar painting ‘Motorway Trials’ are now available from our Etsy shop, check out the ‘Prints’ page for details. More news to follow about a certain die-cast model company release connected to this painting.

‘Into the Valley’ prints now available

Blackburn Buccaneer S.2, Lake District.

I’m very pleased to say I’ve had a great response to this picture so I’ve decided to go ahead with making a limited edition print run of 100 copies. They are available from our Etsy shop, check out the ‘Prints’ page for details.

Painting accepted into G.Av.A. summer exhibition

I’m pleased to say that my latest painting has been accepted into the forthcoming Guild of Aviation Artists’ Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. The exhibition runs from the 22nd-28th July, 2019, see the Guild website for details.

Entitled ‘Motorway Trials’ it shows Jaguar GR.1 XX109 (piloted by test-pilot Tim Ferguson) landing on the M55 near Blackpool on 26th April, 1975 to demonstrate the new aircrafts’ rough field capabilities. 30 x 20 inches oil on canvas.

New website published

Happy to report (not sure who to…!) that my new website is now up and running. Now I’ve got the hang of WordPress (recommended by the way) I should be able to develop and improve the site as I go along. Next big event is the Guild of Aviation Artists’ submission day in May so hopefully I’ll be able to share some news soon about this year’s submission/s.